AIDA Principle

The temptation to sell these days, especially on Social Media, is difficult to resist but it’s not marketing and it won’t build a sustainable pipeline. Stop selling and start encouraging people to buy!

The AIDA model is a tried and tested method, the basic principles of which were devised by Elias St. Elmo Lewis in the late 1800s. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It’s often said that if your marketing or advertising is missing just one of the four AIDA steps, it will not be successful.

First you need to attract the attention of a potential customer. Next you must gain their interest and increase this to desire for your product or service. You then need to encourage them to act on that desire.

It is also important that the customer knows what action you would like them to take – so often a call to action is left out! It might not be to purchase, it could be to register for a newsletter, request a brochure or another form of responsive action.

When you plan and execute your marketing and communications correctly they will be much more effective at generating awareness and engagement thereby helping you grow your business.

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