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About Perceptions

The dictionary definition of marketing is: ‘the provision of goods or services to meet consumers needs’. Successful marketing means having the right product available, in the right place, at the right time and most importantly making sure the customer is aware of it.

However large or small your company, marketing is one of the most powerful tools for generating new business and improving the profile of your company. Perceptions offers strategic marketing consultancy that will assist you with the planning of your marketing activities in line with your business objectives.

We concentrate on the unique requirements of your organisation to provide personally tailored solutions. From building brands to driving sales and increasing customer loyalty, we take a positive, creative approach to marketing and offer innovative consultancy and project management that delivers real value and ensures you stand out from the crowd.

We all struggle with not having enough time in the day. Outsourcing your marketing activities will give you some of your time back by providing you with a strategic marketing and communication plan then executing and managing all the elements on your behalf.

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About Louise

Louise is an accomplished Marketing Professional with in-depth experience of all aspects of marketing. Her skills apply to both internal and external communications, particularly strategy and planning.  Direct mail promotions, telemarketing, database management, media planning, event management and PR all fall under the umbrella of marketing services that Louise provides. Her clients benefit from focussed marketing expertise that produces tangible results, equally it allows them to focus entirely on their core business.

Furthermore, Louise has a proven track record in excellent customer service and revenue growth through her experience in client account handling, including ongoing business development across UK and International client bases.  

After decades in the Corporate World, Louise now runs Perceptions Marketing Solutions based in Weymouth.  Louise offers Board level strategic advice to a wide range of companies, enabling them to plan their marketing activities to achieve their business objectives.